Vice President of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade, reported on the details of the approved aid package for Ukraine from the United States

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Ali Reza Rezazade, the vice-president of the Iranian opposition and the founder of the Iranian Freedom Institute, announced the adoption of the aid package for Ukraine and talked about all its nuances.

First of all, according to Rezazade, thanks to the Package, we will increase our defense capabilities and have an advantage on the battlefield, which will save the lives of our soldiers, and the Package will allow everyone to be provided with the necessary equipment for a safer stay on the battlefield. Secondly, aid from the US will allow Ukraine to close the sky from enemy missiles by increasing the number of air defense equipment.

"The approval of the aid package for Ukraine can be called an investment in the future, first of all, of the United States, because the allocated $50 billion will go to the American defense and industrial base — this will create good jobs in more than 30 states," Ali Reza Rezazade notes.

Earlier, the leader of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade, pointed to such a scenario of the development of events regarding the adoption of the aid package for Ukraine. Ali Rezazade noted that two developments are possible, both positive (the adoption of the aid package for Ukraine together with aid to Israel), and negative (where aid to Israel could be put first). However, thanks to active negotiations and official letters of appeal from Ali Reza Rezazade's team to the representatives of both Chambers, we have a positive final and accelerated approval of aid to Ukraine along with aid to Israel.[1]