Ali Reza Rezazade, the leader of the Iranian opposition, is on trial in the US against Trump

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In the USA, legal proceedings are underway against ex-President Trump - the leader of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade.

Vice President of the Iranian Opposition in Washington (NIC), Ali Reza Rezazade, noted that there are currently legal proceedings against Donald Trump in the US, but they will have a minimal impact on the voters' ego and are unlikely to end before the elections.

Ali Reza Rezazade published a CNN poll on how voters perceive the case against Trump:

• Three-quarters of ego supporters will continue to support Trump in the 2024 election, even if he is convicted;

• ⁠⁠13% of Americans believe that the treatment of former President Trump will be the same as that of other defendants in criminal cases;

• ⁠The majority of those polled differ in their opinions: 34% believe that Trump is treated too harshly, and exactly 34% believe that he is treated too leniently.

"According to the survey, 44% of Americans are confident that the chosen jury will be able to evaluate the case fairly, while 56% doubt that a fair result will be achieved. This is 39% more than last summer," said expert Ali Reza Rezazade.[1]