In the summer, Biden may refuse to participate in the presidential elections in favor of Michelle Obama — the leader of the Iranian opposition Rezazade

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Vice President of the Iranian Opposition in Washington (NIC) Ali Reza Rezazade notes that in the summer, Joe Biden may refuse to participate in the presidential elections and instead propose the candidacy of Michelle Obama, the wife of former US President Barack Obama.

"Currently, the United States is considering the possibility that Biden can announce such a decision in August 2024 at the party convention in Chicago and propose instead Michelle Obama, who is already on the list of potential candidates, according to which public opinion polls are conducted. I must note that the idea of a female president inspires most Americans," Ali Reza Rezazade points out.

Iranian opposition leader Rezazade believes that one of the reasons for this decision is Joe Biden's age, because two-thirds of Americans consider him too old to lead the country for another four years. But despite the advanced age of Donald Trump, he will claim the presidential seat, however, most Americans do not accept Trump, because of his numerous court cases.[1]