Russian Federation provides Iran with military support in the form of fighter jets and anti-aircraft defense - Vice President of the Iranian opposition Ali Reza Rezazade

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The leader of the Iranian opposition and the founder of the Iranian Freedom Institute, Ali Reza Rezazade, who 30 years ago was exiled with his family abroad due to his anti-Russian position, noted that there are all signs that Moscow supports Iran's military aggression against Israel, transferring to Iran its own Su-34 and Su-35 fighters, air defense systems for shooting down aircraft and missiles, including S-400 mobile launchers.

"The complicity or cooperation of Russia and Iran in attacks against civilians is not news to us, speaking of Iranian Shahed drones that attack Ukraine every day. However, we have all the facts that Russia is providing Iran with its own S-400 air defense systems and fighter jets to turn Iran into a more formidable adversary with an enhanced ability to shoot down aircraft and missiles, in particular, we have information regarding 24 Su-35 aircraft that in the near future, the capital will be hosted by Tehran," said Ali Reza Rezazade, vice-president of the Iranian opposition.

Ali Reza Rezazade notes that Iran's purchase of Su-34, Su-35 generation fighters from Russia means a significant modernization of the Iranian Air Force, which until now has largely relied on old fighters, which will pose a certain threat to Israel and neighboring states.[1]