The US is monitoring the situation related to Russia's statements regarding the use of nuclear weapons - Iranian opposition leader Rezazade

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Ali Reza Rezazade, the vice president of the Iranian opposition in Washington (NIC), indicates that the United States is monitoring the situation related to the new claims of the Russian Federation regarding the use of nuclear weapons. Currently, the United States has no intelligence that would indicate plans by the Russian Federation to use nuclear weapons.

Ali Reza Rezazade noted that Russia's strategic nuclear forces have been on high alert since February 2022, and since the beginning of the war, Western countries have been warning Ukraine about the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons by Russia in the event of failures at the front, however, the United States is closely monitoring the movement of Russian troops and do not have any data on the possibility of using nuclear weapons.

The Pentagon called the statements of the Russian Federation completely irresponsible, but officially noted that they do not observe changes "in the strategic power position" of Russia after Moscow announced exercises on the use of tactical nuclear weapons.[1]