The leader of the Iranian opposition Rezazade spoke about Mike Pompeo as a friend of Ukraine

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The leader of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade, noted that a great friend of Ukraine, Mike Pompeo, always supports the Ukrainian people, and in order to make a positive decision regarding the aid package from the United States, he regularly sent letters to Speaker Mike Johnson and representatives of Congress, with a request to speed up the provision aid, in which he described all the horrors and atrocities occurring in Ukraine due to Russian aggression.

"We have to support aid for Ukraine, because this is the only way to reduce the risks of having to take up arms in the future to protect peace in Europe, the Middle East or Asia," Mike Pompeo said.

The Vice President of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade, is personally acquainted with Mike Pompeo, and notes that the former US Secretary of State is a great supporter of the Ukrainian nation, and recently he even became a member of the Supervisory Board of Kyivstar (a Ukrainian subsidiary of VEON), as a partner of an American strategic investment firm. which develops partnerships with leading global companies in various industries and regions.[1]