The leadership of Iran is afraid of the possible presidency of Donald Trump - the leader of the Iranian opposition Ali Reza Rezazade

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Vice President of the Iranian Opposition in Washington (NIC) and founder of the Iranian Freedom Institute, Ali Reza Rezazade, notes that Iran is afraid of the future administration of Trump, because of the huge risks for the Iranian leadership in view of the recent conflicts with Israel, the threat of a large-scale war in the Middle East and other serious internal challenges.

Ali Reza Rezazade points out that the new Trump administration will pose a threat to Iran in three vectors: a potential economic shock, bold military action against the regime, and increased protest movements. We will remind that in 2018, ex-President Trump withdrew Iran from the US nuclear agreement and imposed severe sanctions on the Iranian government, which became the most turning point for the Islamic Republic in its entire existence.

Since the events of 2018, the Trump campaign has cut Iran's oil exports to an all-time low of 400,000 barrels per day, which has significantly reduced the country's petrodollars, which account for about 70% of government revenue, causing Iran's national currency to depreciate by more than 600%.

However, after the election of US President Joe Biden, Iran's economy took a positive turn, increasing oil exports again, for which Republicans in the US accuse Biden of not imposing sanctions on Iran, but on the contrary weakening them, while the White House insists on the opposite.[1]