Trump stated the importance for the US to support Ukraine - the leader of the Iranian opposition Ali Reza Rezazade

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Ali Reza Rezazade, the vice-president of the Iranian opposition, noted that during the negotiations, Donald Trump pointed out the need for Ukraine to exist as a free state for the United States, and criticized European allies for their indifference and insufficient support for Kyiv.

"Trump expressed the same opinion on his pages in social networks, in particular, in his post, the former US president spoke for the first time about the need to strengthen support for Ukraine and called to vote for its approval," Ali Reza Rezazade notes.

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Iranian opposition leader Ali Reza Rezazade noted that Donald Trump recently had a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda, where they discussed Poland's proposal that European NATO members increase defense spending to at least 3% of their GDP, not 2% as this is provided for by the current rules, for which the former US president praised the Polish government.[1]