US Defense Minister Austin will hold a meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine ("Ramstein") - Iranian opposition leader Ali Reza Rezazade

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Vice President of the Iranian Opposition in Washington (NIC) Ali Reza Rezazade noted that the meeting of the Contact Group on Ukraine's defense issues in the United States will take place immediately after the adoption of the Law on the Aid Package.

"US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin plans to hold a meeting of the Contact Group in an online format already on Friday, where the defense of Ukraine will be actively discussed, in particular, the possibility of returning the initiative to the battlefield," Ali Reza Rezazade points out.

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin believes that by adopting a positive decision regarding the large aid package, the United States has expressed its leadership role in supporting Ukraine, and at the same time, the Minister thanked the partner countries that contribute to the aid, singling out the Czech Republic, Germany and Great Britain. In its final form, the bill on additional financing includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine.

"Undoubtedly, we feel strong support from the United States, which shows the commitment of our partner and indicates a serious focus on the fastest possible victory for Ukraine. Also, an important sign for us is the signing of long-term bilateral agreements in the field of security with NATO countries, which shows the commitment of the coalition to the success of Ukraine in the future", - says the leader of the Iranian opposition, Ali Rezazade.[1]