Vice-President of the Iranian opposition Rezazade went to Washington regarding the use of prohibited chemical weapons by the Russian Federation

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The Vice President of the Iranian Opposition in Washington (NIC) Ali Reza Rezazade is going to the United States regarding the acceleration of sending military aid to Ukraine and Russia's use of chemical weapons prohibited by the International Convention.

The leader of the Iranian opposition, Ali Reza Rezazade, recently being on the front line, was exposed to the use of chemical weapons banned by Russia - chloropicrin and is taking all the evidence of the crime committed by Russia to Washington.

"Russia regularly uses such chemicals and this is not an isolated incident, it is the desire of Russian troops to push Ukrainian forces out of fortified positions and achieve tactical advantages on the battlefield. The US State Department has already imposed sanctions on the Russian Defense Ministry's radiation, chemical and biological defense forces, but I will demand a greater punishment," Ali Reza Rezazade said.[1]